Friday, June 7, 2013

42: 5 dollar gas

So while not that many people in my village drive cars there are a few people who own and operate cars on a daily basis and the cities in Moldova are of course filled with people drive around guzzling gas just like in any country. What always has surprised me is just how expensive the gas is here compared to what I am used to.

I just took this picture this week and it shows that gas prices are about 17 lei for each liter which once you translate the measurements comes out to about $5.20 for each gallon. Although it should be noted that they don't sell regular 89 the cheapest is 92 plus and of course the more expensive 95 supreme.

My favorite part about riding in a car with people is when we hit a hill they kill the engine and ride the momentum down the hill and turn the engine on once we need to accelerate. At those prices I can completely understand although really that is still better than most other places in Europe. So for all those Americans out there who still find reason to complain about gas prices the next time you see the gas prices rise you should do a quick google search for gas prices in Turkey or the Netherlands and you will see the world in a whole new light.

Oh, and in Moldova the gas is never self serve so you never have to leave your car you just let the man at the pump handle it for you and oddly enough the man at the pump is usually wearing a very sturdy looking jumpsuit. Which I guess when you think about the material he is handling it really isn't odd at all just odd to me since as an American I'm used to being rather careless with my gasoline pumping.

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