Sunday, June 23, 2013

26: A Year Goes By

There are some places in the world where you could spend a year and not notice any real change in the climate with the every November passing just like April and just like July.

But Moldova is not one of those places.

The winter is cold (down to negative teens) and is long (from late November into late March/early April). And once it snows the snow tends to stay and doesn't really get a chance to melt. 

The fall is just as depressing as everything dies and all fresh fruit and vegetables vanish quicker then they appeared.

But for a small blink of an eye there is a few weeks when the weather is perfect. In between the rain/sleet/lingering cold weather at the beginning of April until the start of cloudless/rainless/swelteringly hot days begin in June.

Speaking of hot days in June, today it was 90 degrees and not much change is expected in the forecast, and no air conditioner around to save me from the heat. :(

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