Wednesday, June 19, 2013

30: давай поженимся (Let's Get Married)

TV shows in Moldova tend to mostly be Russian TV shows with maybe a few Romanian thrown in every once in a while. Usually in the winter when we are eating inside we have the TV on and even though I don't understand anymore then a few words or phrases here and there it is still very entertaining to watch. I posted once already about one of the more popular gameshows so this time I am going to link to a video to my personal favorite, which oddly enough is a dating show.

As with most dating shows there is one person looking for love and three suitors for them to choose from. However, getting married is serious business and so you really can't make an informed decision in such a short time. In light of this there are three women of a certain age who do all the hard work for you. They start out by getting to know you for about 15 minutes which is surely long enough to know the intimate desires of your heart and to start making your life decisions for you. At which point they bring out the suitors one by one with their friends accompanying them, sort of like a living character reference. The suitor chats for a while with the women barely acknowledging their future spouse until it is time for them to show off their talent, usually this involves some kind of singing or dancing or perhaps if you are really lucky a little of both. Keeping in mind that the people on the show are not usually involved in show business the talents are actually quite impressive if not slightly eccentric.

This is one full episode that I randomly picked from YouTube. It is completely in Russian and quite long but really you don't need to watch the whole thing it is quite enjoyable picking any spot and pressing play and most likely something worth watching is probably going on.

Oh. I almost forgot that there are special edition episodes with children. These are even more fun to watch. Keeping in mind the name of the show is "Let's Get Married."

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