Saturday, June 15, 2013

34: Trains

Transportation in Moldova is quite different from what I was used to in America mostly based on the fact that I never used much public transport besides the metro in DC, however, in Moldova public transport really is the only way to get around. For me trains were the easiest method to get out of my village which was great since I have always really enjoyed riding trains, even if they are a little unforgiving as far as scheduling your life around them goes. I spent much of my first year utilizing only the trains until Moldova bought a new train and had to change the schedule to accomodate it. Now the trains are not as convenient as they once were but for others living in the country I am sure the addition of the new express train will be very much appreciated.
The older train making a stop at the station in Scumpia

Wooden benches dont make for the most comfortable travel experience...especially for a 4 hour train ride

The newer faster express train

The added comfort will only set you back an extra dollar 

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