Wednesday, June 26, 2013

23: Chicken Jello

I would like to introduce you to my archnemesis of the culinary variety. It is called racituri (Ra-chee-tor) which is just a fancy way to say chicken jello.

Even served on a gold rimmed plate with a swan decoration it doesn't look any more appetizing. The picture is taken from the wedding I went to last June.
Racituri is made as you might think with chicken broth and gelatin and more often than not there is a leg of a chicken in the middle...and when I say leg what I really mean is foot. My host mother is quite found of making it with the neck as well.

The dish is usually served cold and from the one occasion I did eat it I would say that it taste like a cold piece of chicken covered in cold, congealed, salty gravy.

In case you plan on trying to make it yourself at home I should probably point out that my host mother has warned me that you can only use rooster legs and not hens to make the dish, presumably because they have more gelatin in their bones so it sets better, or something along those lines.

I have also written about chicken jello in a previous post.

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