Saturday, June 29, 2013

20: Is that sour cream or mayonnaise?

Sour cream and mayonnaise find their way onto more dishes than I could ever think possible. And even  more confusing is when I think, "well...I never would of thought to put mayonnaise on that.." and then I taste it and it is really sour cream...or the inverse. Some fun examples include pizza which you can find covered in mayonnaise and corn along with the average ingredients. My personal favorite is a hot dog with mayonnaise and spicy carrots.

Sour cream can be added to literally anything to add flavor. If you make some pasta and need a sauce. Sour cream. If you have some fruit and want to make a dessert. Sour cream. 

To better illustrate my point here is a Sour Cream commercial from Moldova in Russian. You don't need to know Russian to understand what it is saying.

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