Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Peace Corps Interview!!!

I had my Peace Corps interview today and my recruiter told me that he was going to nominate me! I have been waiting for this point for about four years or more since I first heard about the Peace Corps in my Eleventh grade History class and decided right then that the Peace Corps was something I wanted to do. I have been working toward my Peace Corps goal ever since and today I reached a major milestone. During the interview the recruiter reviewed the process and went into depth on the steps to come, which are still very extensive, and up to that point I was under the impression that the interview was near the end of the process. Boy was I wrong. lol.

My day started early with me donning formal clothes, including a tie which is always an accessory I could live my entire life without, and driving down to the Red Line terminus of the Washington Metro system. Before I made my way to downtown Arlington for my interview I made a quick stop at Arlington National Cemetery and paid my respects to John F. Kennedy, founder by executive order of the Peace Corps almost fifty years ago. I was also surprised to finally see the Iwo Jima Marine memorial and was completely amazed by its size. When I saw pictures of it or saw it in a movie I always imagined it as a life size memorial. But no, the men in the memorial were at least 30 feet and the pedestal was taller than me (which at six foot is sometimes hard to do).

The actual interview went perfectly. My recruiter and I had a great conversation throughout the experience with both of us sharing personal stories and getting to know each other really well. I can also say that after his explanation and guidance that I am completely aware of the steps that I have to undertake to continue the path to my goal and I am even more sure now then ever that I will leaving for a foreign country in a years times. As for the actual interview, I was not surprised by any of his questions because they were almost exactly the same as those listed at this website, which I was lucky to stumble upon yesterday and prepare my thoughts for today.

Next step in the process is formal nomination which I should receive on June first, which coincidentally is my 21st birthday. So that will most definitely be a day to remember for many reasons.

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