Monday, June 10, 2013

39: EU Integration

In Moldova EU integration is such a big deal that the current government is composed of a group of political parties whose number one stated goal is for European integration. Things have actually been going very well for Moldova on that front with plans to sign an agreement by 2014 and drop visa restrictions not very long after. Although joining the EU would be great for Moldova for many reasons, for the average Moldovan the chief importance of joining is for free and open access to find work in other European countries.

Emigrating from Moldova for work is a startling and growing trend with some measures placing nearly half the population of Moldova as working abroad, and most of them are working illegally and getting paid under the table. Remittances form more than 1/3 of Moldova's GDP which is among the highest in the world.

Moldovans waiting in line at the Romanian consulate, which happens to be right next to Peace Corps HQ and I can't remember a time no matter the weather when their weren't people waiting in line.
(Stolen from Google Images again.)
Moldovans really don't have to wait to join the EU, however, as almost all Moldovans can claim Romanian citisenship since Moldova was apart of Romania before WWII which means they have family members who had Romanian citizenship  It really only takes a day trip to the Romanian consulate to fill out paperwork and pay for a passport in order to become a dual Romanian-Moldovan citizen. An option many Moldovans partake in since Romania has fully joined the EU and has already signed agreements for visa-less entry throughout the EU.

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