Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Internetul nu lucreaza…este foarte rau

So I came home on last Monday from school like any normal day. Updating my twitter, checked my Facebook and my email and then went to eat lunch. However, disaster struck when I came back to my computer after lunch. I attempted to get on the internet as I had just done less than an hour before but instead eu nu am nimic. For some unknown reason the internet just stopped working. I pretended it was merely a temporary failure and that it would return later in the day, or god forbid, the next day. But alas it was not to be. To make things even more interesting the telephone worked and the television which uses the same internet connection as my computer uses, also worked. Which means that my 5 year old MacBook has finally showed the first signs of its age by not recognizing that the ethernet cord has been plugged in (another sign of age that is highly annoying thought not as dire is the sticky 's' key that requires a little extra push every time an 's' is needed).

The remedy for this situation is a wireless modem which comes with a price of 15 dollars to exchange it with the modem I already have. Not a bad deal. I think I can survive with a computer that cannot have a corded internet connection the only problem is that after many twists and turns and letdowns along the way each day thinking today would be my reunion with the internet something else got in the way. But after a week long wait I finally have internet service again and lets hope it stays that way.

I came to Moldova under the assumption that internet would not be widely available and that I would spend a lot of time without it. I was prepared for this. But after 4 months in Moldova I have realized that internet is very very widely used and when mine stops working I am one of a few people without access. During these four months I lost all of my mental preparation for not having internet and now that I have lost it I also was not prepared as far as digital files. I had not recently downloaded any new movies, books, or teaching resources under the assumption there would be no need because I have a constant internet connection…anyway to make a long store short, life in Moldova is very different when internet is removed from the picture.

Internet…please never leave me again.

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