Saturday, October 15, 2011

Moldovan Music Playlist

I've been meaning to write a post about music for a while, but I found it extremely difficult to find the songs I was hearing on the radio on the internet. Until I found a list of the top 100 songs in Romania and what do you know. Problem solved. What I will attempt to do in this blog post is provide a list of links to Youtube videos of the most popular songs that I have heard while I have been in Moldova. The list is by no means complete and I have left out all of the American artists (even though Selena Gomez and Black Eyed Peas are tremendously popular here at the moment). Also although the songs are sung in English (sometimes Spanish) they are usually performed by Romanian/Moldovan artists.

Mr. Saxobeat - Alexandra Stan (I have heard that this has also caught on in America)
Senorita - Allexinno & Starchild (Singing in Spanish and English confuses my English learners.)
Freedom - Dan Balan(Now a solo artist, however he used to sing with a group that had a very popular song sung in Romanian a few years ago). 
Telephone - AndraDream Girl - Smiley
In My Bedroom - Ralvero

Club Rocker - Inna
Sexy - Andrea Banica
Mi Corazon - Fabio da Lera & Alex Mica

All My People - Sasha Lopez
Guantanamera - Emil Lassaria & F.Charm
Ya BB - Play & Win

Did you happen to notice a trend in the musical genre? Very euro-pop dance-club type music. Anyway I hope you enjoy. Wait what was I thinking. What is a Moldovan music post without mentioning the Hora? Here is an example of a more modern version of the Hora song. I'm not really sure what the official song is to Hora to, and I had a little trouble finding a video on youtube where people were dancing the Hora at a normal pace (most of the vids were way too slow) but anyway this is the best I can do. Poftim.

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