Sunday, September 25, 2011

Test for Claustrophobia

Today I rode the autobus to the Raion and was surprised by just how many people you can fit inside a autobus. It reminded me of the rutieras I was used to in Chisinau except this was with a bus. Our bus is not the full sized 'greyhound' bus and is supposed to seat 30 people and have a max occupancy of 50. Today, however, I am pretty sure we had at or near 100 people packed into the bus. It was extraordinary. I didn't think I would be able to get on the bus because it looked so full but little did I know that they were only half filled. Everytime I thought to myself that we were finished and there was no way we could fit on another person, someone else would walk up and jam their way in. Even after the bus started moving we still weren't finished because the bus still pulled over to let people on. I guess it is true what they say, "always room for one more."

The rest of the day was also exciting because I meet up with the other Americans in my raion, had some coffee together and then we went to a seminar on human trafficking. The seminar was put together by a french nonprofit though I was thrown off because during the presentation there would be an abrupt stop and then a minute of some random form of entertainment, such as a Moldovan folk singer, a play, a group of children dancing, and at the very end a rock band. Im not sure but Im guessing this means that Moldovans have short attention spans and need to be entertained in between being given short burst of information. Works for me.

To see pictures from my day today click here.

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