Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Waiting on an Invitation

So I made it successfully through my last semester of undergraduate classes, and I did it amazingly well. All A's and one B. Had a month long break that is slowly coming to a close and I'm about to start my last semester, this time student teaching at both a high school and a middle school. However, while I am quite anxious about lesson planning and classroom management, I'm much more anxious to hear from Peace Corps about my invitation. I'm not so much worried as much as just antsy to finally make it official. But the last email I got was in October and it didn't give me any timetable of when they might contact me next. I went on Peace Corps Journals and noticed that some applicants leaving in June are starting to get their official invitations. I want mine. Or in the very least a new email to let me know they didn't forget about me.


  1. I am in a very similar situation! I am also awaiting my invitation and I am also in my senior year starting my student teaching this semester (except I'm student teaching in a kindergarten classroom). I also havn't been waiting quite as long as you, I just got my medical clearance today. Good luck with the invitation and good luck with student teaching!

  2. I was super surprised when they sent me my medical clearance. They still haven't cleared me for dental yet for some unknown reason. I guess I'll have to call and get it all worked out sooner or later.

    Good luck with your student teaching as well! I worked as a teachers aide for a first grade class and thought it was awesome.