Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Dental Clearance Nonsense

So my online application status still shows that I don't have dental clearance so I called the dental office for the second time. Once again the dental coordinator did not pick up the phone. I have called her one other time and sent two emails and have never gotten a reply, and all this is over a very long time period. So I got a hold of someone else who checked on my file and said my dental work was completely missing. She told me I would have to resend in my dental packet. I am so frustrated right now. I turned in my dental packet back in October, they sent it back to me because they didn't like my x-rays. I resent the packet and never heard from them again. Now I have to go and get all my dental paperwork redone. SO AGGRAVATING!!! Especially since I've already accepted my invitation to serve.

Now I'm hoping that possibly my dental office made copies of the paperwork since it did have the dentist's signature on it and from my experiences with the medical paperwork that means they should have made a copy and put it in my file.

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