Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Moldova Invite!!!

It is finally official. I can rest easy tonight knowing that I have finally reached the mountaintop, an official Peace Corps invitation to serve in the Eastern European country of Moldova. The country was actually surprising because it wasn't a surprise. I had been expected an invitation for Moldova for so long now that I had convinced myself that in the end I would receive an invite to another country.

The packet that comes with the invitation is very official and is awfully meaty. Paperwork, paperwork, paperwork. I went through it all rather quick and was happy that it was very well organized and was thankful that although the packet is a monster the actual amount of paperwork I need to do is really nothing more than sending invitation acceptance email to Peace Corps, filing online for a Peace Corps passport, and emailing yet another resume and aspiration statement to Peace Corps. In this case I guess it is unfair to call it paperwork since none of it is really filled out on paper...Although there is real paperwork I still have to complete but it is not required until staging.

I'll sleep very well tonight indeed...and if the coming snow storm happens to delay school or cancel it altogether I will be a very happy and well rested person tomorrow.

Update: Snow storms are awesome and I am VERY well rested.


  1. Congratulations! I got my invitation to Moldova yesterday as well! I was about to make a post calling out to my fellow Moldovan invitees, it's exciting to meet one. What is your program?

  2. English Language. What about you?

  3. Community and Organizational Development...

  4. Awesome. Two weeks and four months to wait now...