Friday, August 20, 2010

Medically Cleared?

I sent in my Medical Review packet on Monday the 9th. So I assumed that they would receive my packet sometime later in the week and send me a confirmation email when they did. Well the week came and went and I started to get a little nervous. I don't live that far from Washington, so it really shouldn't take it that long to make it to Peace Corps...However I decided that since it is a government entity it should be given the benefit of the doubt when it comes to taking forever to process things. I waited and waited. Monday of the next week, Tuesday of the next week, Wednesday of the next week....Hallelujah I got an application update. So I'm not sure whether it took a week and two days for my packet to make the 70 mile journey or whether it was the Peace Corps simply not updating my status until a few days after receiving it. Either way I didn't care. It made it and now it was out of my hands. Before I had gotten the email I had had one too many dreams, or nightmares I guess, of me receiving a phone call informing me that they never got my packet and that I would have to restart the entire Medical Packet all over again. NOOO!!!!!!!

But bad dreams aside it did make it and now I could breathe a whole lot easier. In the status update it also informed me that even though they had received the packet they probably wouldn't start to review it until my departure date was about 4 months away so that they can worry about reviewing the packets of people who would be leaving a lot sooner then me. That was fine with me, I was just glad to be rid of the packet. So depending on how they counted they would start reviewing my packet in about February.

However...I received an email a week later on Thursday the 19th that my application status had been updated and when I went to check it (at 6:30 in the morning) it said I had been medically cleared and would be receiving my confirmation letter in the mail. Wait? Is it February already?

Either way I dont really care. I only have one last approval before I am officially invited and that is from the education placement officer who must review my entire file and decide if I am an appropriate fit for the placement I have been nominated for.

Well I guess there is one other hurdle still left to struggle senior year of college. But now that I have absolutely nothing to worry about with my Peace Corps application I can fully devote all of my worrying to papers and my Education Portfolio. Wish me luck.


  1. That is an INCREDIBLY fast clearance time. They've had my packet since May and I'm still waiting... and still hopefully leaving in February (per my nomination). Congrats on being one step closer!

  2. Thanks. Good luck on your clearance!