Thursday, December 20, 2012

Thank You Saint Nick!

Hello. My name is Justin and I am addicted to the internet. It has been 5 days since my last relapse and I'm ashamed to admit I've once again begun indulging in my addiction…

Let me start from the beginning. Last week was a 6 day work week for me with school being open on saturday to make up for not working next Monday which would be Christmas eve. I woke up that morning on saturday with that terrible news of the tragedy that occurred at the elementary school in New England and then had to go to school myself. If that already didn't make for the worst day ever I came home to find that my internet had died. It has done so before and I've had the same reaction every time…"NO! You can't do this to me! No! Please no!" or something along those lines. I could go on and on and describe the nonsense that went into getting it working again but I will simply say that it took 5 days and literally 5 telephone repairmen in my bedroom to finally get it back and during that time I had a lot of free time to reflect and realize just how reliant I am on the internet and just how a disruption to my life it can cause. Maybe not so much a real disruption but a perceived disruption, of all the urgent emails I was missing, all the friends in urgent need of my help or worried of my absence, and who knows the unspeakable things that could have happened in my family. But of course its just a trick of the mind to always dwell on the worst when the reality is unknown.

I am thankful in any case to have it back after thinking day after day that it would be fixed I was beginning to lose hope but luckily when I woke up and came to breakfast my host mother told me that she had had a dream and also that today is the feast day of old Saint Nick so the internet would definitely be back by today. Thank goodness for both. Now I'm starting to wonder if good old Santa Claus was kind enough to visit me today would he be back to visit me on Christmas? I guess we will have to wait and see.

Speaking of Christmas, a white Christmas is all but assured for me. The weather has been true to its winter nature and it has been nothing but cold and snowing for the last 2 weeks and because it has stayed below freezing (right now it is about 15 degrees) none of the snow has melted which just reinforces the feeling that I am living in Siberia. However, I accept the snow lovingly in acknowledgement that any change in the weather would bring me either a world of mud or a world of ice. Neither is something I look forward to so I'll accept the snow for as long as it likes to stay.

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