Monday, January 14, 2013

Cost of Living

The weather outside is frightful...but the internet is so delightful...and since we've no place to go...let us surf...let us surf...(the net that is...)

To fill in the gap until the next time I have anything interesting to post I thought this little Cost of Living calculator website that another volunteer found would be great to pass the time and is also extremely interesting. I have already done all the hard work and compared the country of Moldova to America and the website turns out common things people buy and how much they cost in each country along with the difference expressed as a percentage. This also gave me a good excuse to finally figure out how to make/upload documents on Google's internet-only word processor. (Not only does it let me store the document online but it also lets me publish it and gives me a link that I use to share the document with others. Pretty snazzy. Microsoft better watch it's back...)

Cost of Living between America and Moldova

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