Saturday, December 1, 2012

Blog Housekeeping

Today is the first day of winter and it feels like spring outside. My host mother has taken this opportunity to do an early version of spring cleaning. Inspired by her I have decided to do a little spring cleaning of my own starting with my blog. The thing with managing websites or blogs is that once they are running I get in the bad habit of just letting them run and not doing any maintenance work until I have a list of things that I can't really avoid any longer.

Anyway, I have removed the view counter from my blog first of all because I found that it wasn't giving very accurate numbers first of all and second because I did't see why I needed to have it in the first place, numbers aren't important. Secondly, I have found that my twitter update gadget has stopped working which means that when I post something on twitter it will no longer be shown on my blog. Unfortunately, this is not an issue I can fix as the gadget itself is broken and there doesn't seem to be an alternative gadget I can use to take its place. Lastly, I added a translator gadget where my twitter gadget used to be in an effort of full disclosure. Having reviewed my visitor statistics I have found that quite a few people view my blog from places other then America, with the largest proportion being people in Moldova. Since I am writing about my experiences in Moldova I think it makes sense to make my blog accessible in Romanian or Russian so that anyone who is interested in reading what I have to say can do so. I don't write my blog in English as an effort to keep people from reading it but more because writing in English is simply easier.

Now it's time to get back to enjoying the beautiful weather!

(Sidenote: Google translates Wishful Thinking into Romanian as "Confusing Wishes with Reality." That almost makes me sound like a real writer.)

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