Thursday, September 8, 2011

Sick...Again. Say it ain't so!

Read at your own risk. Candid description of my physical illness.

Moldova has once again defied the natural order of the world by causing me to be sick yet again. Once again I will place the blame on some sort of food poisoning related to what I ate. I take all the blame this time however because I came home from school yesterday earlier than my host mother and reheated some food to eat. Being an American it didnt even cross my mind to fully cook the food and bring it to a boil on the stove before eating...instead I simply heated it in the microwave...Not positive that this is what did it but Id be willing to put money on it. The wierd thing is that I could almost feel myself gettting sick as I eat it. Like my stomach recognized that it wasnt any good. I choose to disregard and didnt feel the full effects until about 12 o'clock that night. The last time I was sick was completely horrible with me in the bathroom once every hour for about twelve hours. However, this time has not been that dramatic it has persisted for a longer time. I have been in a constant state of lousiness, mostly nausea, cramping, and upset stomach since last night but only throw up twice. So far it feels about the same as it did last night. The last time the sickness just let up all over a sudden and I just felt perfect like it had never happened. Now I spent my whole day waiting for it to do that again, however, I have not been so lucky.

The worst part is not being able to do anything to help my situation. I can handle sickness better if I can find some comfort if only for a while. However, the only advice I was given by the medical office was to drink plenty of fluids, water or green tea, eat only rice, and take Pepto-bismal tablets every hour. None of which seems to have any effect.

I also feel terrible because I have kind of left my Partner-Teacher to fend for himself for today and probably tomorrow as the Medical Office has asked me to make a trip to Chișinău to be checked out by one of the doctors just in case. I was planning on going to Chișinău on Saturday but now I get to go one day earlier and stay in the Medical Office apartment. The problem will be if I can make it there without having any sleep. I have really only had a few one hour cat naps since yesterday and tonight isn't shaping up to be any different.

On a slightly more positive note. My Director has called me twice today to check on how I am and even though I am in a terrible state with a monster headache I was still able to relay my condition to her and hold a pretty extensive conversation in Romanian on the phone. (Talking to people on the phone in Romanian is way harder than in person. No body language or facial expressions to work with.)

I hope to write a more uplifting blog post in the next few days. Until then, WISH ME WELL!

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