Saturday, August 20, 2011

My Host Grandmother

(First everyone should click my pictures tab ^above^ I finally organized my pics into albums. And I have an album of my Moldovan picnic which I will not blog about instead Ill let the pictures do the talking.)

So while I was eating breakfast this morning my host grandmother was talking with me, I assumed she was trying to test my level of Romanian because she would say a sentence one way that I would not understand and then say another sentence right after that I would. After a little while I was almost completely understanding everything she telling me. Some of the high points of our conversation included her discussing that seven years ago she weighed 200 pounds (weight, money, politics, and religion are very common conversation topics in Moldova) and was very unhealthy but that now she weighs 145 and goes for a run every morning, jumps rope, and take a cold shower afterward, oh and did I mention that she is 64 years old? She also said she no longer eats salt or sugar with her food and when she fixed my eggs this morning she didn't drown them in oil as most Moldovan cooks I have observed. I was fairly impressed. Also she has spent almost all of her time since I have been here repairing the school with other local women of about her age. From what I have gathered they all work on a volunteer basis and the school looks great with new windows and fresh colorfully painted walls-

-A mouse just scampered across the floor….I need to invest in a cat.

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