Monday, August 29, 2011

Getting Readjusted

Sorry for not posting a blog post in a few days but I didnt really have anything to say.

For the most part I have passing the time watching American movies or trying to be productive by typing up my long term plans that are needed to be turned in to the Moldovan Ministry of Education. Other than that the only other events to happen was the Moldovan Independence Day...the 20th anniversary no less, and also I visited my partner teachers house for lunch.

The Moldovan Independence day wasn't exactly what I planned because I went with my partner teacher to the center of town and I was expecting a little bit of a party or celebrations but instead the Casa de Cultura (house of culture) was open and people were inside playing chess, checkers, ping pong, and preparing for a wrestling match later in the afternoon. In the very least it was nice to hang out for a little while with people I haven't met yet and also to look around in the Casa de Cultura. Inside there is also an auditorium that I estimated could seat 300 and it has a fairly large stage, this was surprising to me because it seemed out of place in my village especially since there is probably less than 2000 people in the whole village. The auditorium looked like it could use a lot of work though because some of the wooden floors looked rotten or warped and a good proportion of the seats looked like they needed a little work as well.

I also had the pleasure of visiting my partner teachers house yesterday and enjoyed my first meal of rabbit meat, with potatoes and white wine. The best I can do to describe rabbit meat is to say it is like chicken except a lot harder to get off the bone and the meat was not as tender, but it tasted just fine. After lunch I was treated to a video of my partner teachers wedding and it was quite a long video...I think I can safely say I understand Moldovan weddings a little better, its a very intense affair and REALLY does last ALL day. Possibly three days if you follow other traditions.

Anyway. I now have the house to myself and I am going to spend the rest of the day finally unpacking all of my stuff and whatnot. Otherwise the only other thing I have to do is wait for Thursday for the first day of school when I will finally know my schedule and be able to start lesson planning.

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