Friday, July 30, 2010

The complicated (and expensive) medical review

Getting my medical review packet in the mail was such a relief that I promised myself I would take my time and do it right since I still have about 10 months or so until my departure date and all summer with no college classes to distract me. However, taking my time is becoming a little ridiculous. I had to wait about a week before I could get an appointment with a doctor who charged a reasonable price for a routine physical exam, and then ended up having to wait another week because I would be on vacation for that whole week. After visiting the doctor I came to realize that just one visit was not going to be enough. I was sent to have blood drawn and tested and to find two vaccines that the doctors office I went to didn't carry and didn't really know where to find elsewhere. My blood test were done a week after the blood was drawn and so I had to go back to the doctors office to collect the results and my updated medical review packet, still only partly completed. At this point I was getting a little run down and tired of working on the packet, especially when I am supposed to be enjoying my summer vacation.

The dentist portion of the packet was comparatively easy and entirely free for me, I just brought the folder with me to my routine dental cleaning and had it completed in no time. Same goes for the optometrist who needed to sign off on my eyeglass prescription, which had a lot more information attached to it then simply my lens strength, but he seemed to understand it all perfectly.

I went on another week long trip postponing my two mysterious vaccines for after my return just in case I proved to have a reaction to one of them I'd rather not be far from home. When I was able to receive the vaccines I found it difficult to find a place that carried both of them, hoping to get them both done at once. I was able to find a travel doctor who I scheduled an appointment with, but after I arrived at the office the doctor informed me that he only had one of the vaccines I needed and has never carried the other one. GRRRRR...

So now we flash forward to today...I am currently about to scout down the last vaccine and if the office I called actually carries the vaccine like they promised this time, then I should have my entire packet finished by the end of the day. Wish me luck.

UPDATE! I got my last vaccine shot! All I have to do now is get the first doctor to initial a few spots and since his office is closed on Friday, I'll have to do it on Monday, at which time my paperwork will be completely finished and I will mail it using the first mailbox I see.

PS. MY ARM IS ON FIRE!!!! Shots with a live virus injected in to the subcutaneous tissue are not pleasant at all.

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