Wednesday, July 17, 2013

This Is It

I have finally finished the sizeable amount of paperwork and loops I have to jump through for Peace Corps in order to leave. So at least on paper I am officially no longer a PCV. I look forward to ringing the COS (close of service) bell with a group of people tomorrow to mark the occassion ceremonially and then wait with impatience until I can finally take my flight on Friday to Istanbul and onward to Tokyo.

There are so many reasons these past few days have been hard. With the addition of the stress of preparing to leave such as the paper work I already mentioned it is just so draining saying good bye to everyone as they leave the Peace Corps for the last time and thinking about how everything I do I might be doing for the last time. "This is my last time leaving my site...This is my last time eating at my favorite restaurant...This is my last time riding a minibus." I feel like I miss so much about Moldova even though I haven't even left yet.

Saying goodbye is a lot harder than I thought it would be but like it or not I am getting on a plane in less then 48 hours.

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