Thursday, July 18, 2013

Never Let Your Guard Down

Today is my last full day in Moldova and I tried to spend it this afternoon taking a very relaxing walk through the city. I took lots of pictures, picked up a few last minute souvenirs and stopped at a park next to the cathedral to drink an ice coffee. I was feeling really great about how the day was going and even though I was so sad to be leaving I also felt like today was the perfect last day. I took a picture of me sitting on the park bench and laid my camera down next to me. I looked away to grab something on the other side of the bench and a man came up behind me and grabbed my camera without me noticing and started to walk away with it. Luckily for me another man came up and told me what he had done. I had to literally chase the man down three city blocks and physically remove the camera from his hands...but I got it back.

After that I wasn't really in the mood for anymore sightseeing, and I've been on edge all day afterward but on a bright note it does make leaving Moldova a little easier and will definitely serve as a lesson for me to be much more attentive to things in the future. Next time I let my guard down I might not be as lucky as I was today.

I catch my flight tomorrow morning to Istanbul for a three hour layover before my ridiculously long overnight flight to Japan.

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