Friday, March 22, 2013

Spring Has Forsaken Us

There is a myth in Moldova about a woman called Baba Dochia (Baba being the ubiquitous name for all women of a grandmotherly age). Baba Dochia, as the story goes, lived in a village with her goats and after having waited all winter for warmer weather she decided to head out in March for the mountains, anticipating that the weather would soon be warm and pleasant and her goats would have more time to grow strong eating the mountain grass. Unfortunately for her the weather grew worse instead of better and as she got to the mountains she soon perished from the cold and snow. The moral of the story being that Spring will come when it comes and not to get impatient when it doesn't come quick enough. Baba Dochia is also blamed anytime the weather turns cold and wintry after March 1st, the beginning of Spring, specifically if it snows. Long story short Baba Dochia paid us a belated and unwelcome visit today and I was not amused.

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