Monday, October 8, 2012

No Ziua Profesorului for me :(

Getting sick always sucks…Getting sick on a day when you don't have to work sucks more…Getting sick on a day when you actually want to go to work sucks the worst. It all started Thursday night when I spent the entire night tossing and turning and not getting any sleep. I felt sick without really being able to place how I felt sick. By the time I woke I knew I was sick with something but I couldn't quite figure out what it was. I knew it wasn't a cold and thank god it wasn't another food related illness. No lucky me I got the flu. I say that in complete seriousness because while being sick is no fun, having the flu is a lot better of a situation then the other possibilities I've dealt with. A very dull headache that never went away regardless of the medicine I took, a stomach that rejected food but in general didn't bother me as long as I didn't bother it first, and finally the constant inability to find the right temperature. Under three layer of blankets and still feeling a chill I knew I was definitely running a temperature and as quick as it came it went away again and I felt like I was in an oven. But again, I'll rather be pulling on and off covers over and over again in contrast to a stomach virus any day. 

But enough about being sick. The real tragedy was being sick on the one day in Moldova that all the teachers look forward too all year. Teacher's day. As I mentioned last year Teacher's day is a holiday that is celebrated in Moldova by students bringing in gifts for their teachers and instead of teaching classes, teachers choose a 12th grade student coordinate their lessons and after school is over all of the teachers and 12th graders enjoy some food and refreshments and of course dancing. 

By the way, I'm not sure I mentioned it last year but October 5th is actually International Teacher's day. Celebrated throughout the world with the exception of America. And in fact almost every holiday celebrated in Moldova is an international holiday that is celebrated throughout the world instead of America or if America does celebrate the holiday it usually does so on different day, eg. International Women's day, International Men's day, International Labor day. America loves to be unique it seems.

In any case it seems I lost track of what I was originally trying to say and that is that being sick is never any fun but as I mentioned being sick on Teacher's day is the worst. And in case you are keeping track that brings my total sickness count to 6. Although I'm about a month late compared to when I got my second sickness last year. Maybe I'll get lucky and my immune system will win from now on.

I don't feel very lucky.

As a side note I remembered an article I read last year that might explain why I tend to get sick a lot more often in Moldova then I ever did in America. Apparently according to the newest scientific research there are three different types of microbial ecosystems in our digestive system in the same way there are 4 blood types. And while further research is needed it was discovered that geography and genetics (I.E. family) played very little part in deciding which of the three types a person is likely to develop. Possibly my ecosystem is better able to hold its own against foreign invaders that are common in America but is less strong against fighting ones that are more common in Moldova? In which case maybe a few of my more prone to sickness in America might find Moldova to be a more forgiving environment for them as far as sickness goes.

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