Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Never leave home without it...

The debit card saga continues as I once again have been thwarted by the bank from collecting a new card. In case you aren't aware I lost my debit card two or three weeks ago and after many phone calls and a visit to both the bank in my raion and the bank in the capital I still do not have a card. In my last visit I was lucky enough to finally fill out the paperwork and the card was so close I could almost feel the new plastic...however I was told it would take a few days until they would have it ready.

"Come back on Thursday."
"But I won't be in Chisinau on Thursday."
"It might be ready by Wednesday afternoon."

Bingo...lucky for me I actually needed to come back to Chisinau for the second part of my mid-service medical exams. Unluckily for me I foolishly forgot to bring my passport with me. Of course I keep about 5 forms of identification on me at all times, including a xerox copy of my passport. That should be more then sufficient for anything I might run into...except the bank.

"I want to collect my new card."
"Can I see your passport?"
"Sure I have a copy of it here."
"I need the real passport. Nothing without your passport."
"But I already wrote my report and signed the paperwork. I just need to pick it up."
"Nothing without your passport."
"Can you tell me if it even came in yet."
"Nothing without your passport."
"Could you possibly send it to my bank in Falesti and I can collect it there when I have my passport."
"Nothing without your passport."

So that was a lot of fun. But on the fun side I now have a reason that I need to come back to Chisinau. Even though I really hate the actual travelling to the capital I always enjoy it enough to make it worth it. Only problem of course being that I would need to come in on a weekday and of course I work Monday through Friday...Which is where the good news comes in because I have a vacation coming in a week from now and now I have a legitimite reason to make the trip.

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