Thursday, April 12, 2012

Human Trafficking Seminar Success

Today I went on my first Moldovan Field Trip. One of my friends, another Peace Corps Volunteer in a neighboring village organized a wonderful seminar about human trafficking with the help of a French organization called "Medecins du Monde," in her village. (In case you don't already know, Moldova is a major center for human trafficking and the information provided in the seminar was something that is very important for all Moldovans to be aware of and be able to watch out for.)

In order to ensure that there would be enough participants she asked me if any of my 10th-11th grade students would be interested in joining in on the seminar. I jumped at the opportunity and was able to get 7 students to agree to the trip, mostly the students who already come to my English Club. At first I thought we would have to leave school really early and walk to her village but when I explained the situation to my principal and asked for her opinion she told me she would take care of it. Well she is an amazing principal and was able to arrange for a minibus to pick us up at the school, take us there and return us home.

This seminar was a real hassle to plan because it is very awkward to organize anything with my limited Romanian and my even more limited knowledge of Moldova in general. So I am counting my many blessings today that everything worked out so well. Mostly I am thankful for having a Peace Corps friend who has better connections to international organizations, a director who knows how to pull some strings and has awesome connections to people in the village, and finally having smart, adventurous, and outgoing students. Maybe next time I will even be able to take a little credit for the next seminar because I know I can't take any credit for this one!

Pictures are on Facebook.

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