Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Site Announcement

I have been anxious to find out about my permanent site since the day I got to Moldova. Right now I am living in a town near the capital for Pre-Service Training, but by the beginning of August I will finish training and move to my permanent site to start my official two years of service. We are supposed to find out about our permanent sites on Tuesday the 5th so I have had that day circled on my mental calendar for a while, literally counting down the days (less than a week). Today however I was pleasantly surprised when the head of the English Education project for Peace Corps Moldova decided to whet our appetite for information by giving us a list of the 15 sites EE volunteers would be placed in but not telling us who was going to which site. So I still have to wait till Tuesday to know officially but at least I now know I will be going to one of these cities … (I guesstimated their location. Thanks to Google Maps. The star being the capital Chisinau.)

I had heard a rumor from people around the town, from my host family, and from other volunteers that someone would be staying in Truseni, the town I am living in now. That rumor is confirmed according to the list provided by the project manager but she also mentioned that the medical team had requested that someone stay at this site for medical reasons (because it is close to Chisinau and would allow medical better access to the volunteer if needed.) Seeing as how I don't have any medical conditions that would require attention I think it is safe to say that I wont be staying at my site. Also she let us know that another town that has volunteers is also going to keep one volunteer after training for the same reason (close to Chisinau/medical team requested), and that it would be a swap. So someone now living in Truseni will move to the nearby town and someone from the nearby town will be moving to Truseni. So basically even if I was unsure if my unknown medical condition would influence their decision it is now certain I will not be in Truseni.

So that basically knocks two towns out plus one that is labeled as Russian. So really I have a 1 out of 12 shot of guessing my permanent placement. Lets make it a game and Ill go ahead and put my money on number 10. Anyone else want to guess? (Also as a reminder Moldova is the size of Maryland so I wont be too far from away no matter where I am placed.)

(Upcoming blog posts preview - hub site days, money, July 4th in Moldova, my Russian lesson, and my official permanent site placement. Stay tuned….)

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  1. I should mention that 3, 14, and 15 are the three towns I probably wont be placed in.