Thursday, June 16, 2011

Romanian Grammar.

Learning Romanian hasn't been difficult so far…until today. Most of the lesson today went like normal. Discuss new vocabulary (family members), take a break, use the new vocabulary in a simple sentence (Do you have a brother? No, I don't have a brother.) a couple written exercises and another break…and finally in the last hour of class my teacher pulled out the most complicated thing we have discussed so far. Definite and indefinite articles. For instance in English I could say "a ball" for indefinite singular, "the ball" definite singular, "some balls" indefinite plural, and "the balls" for definite plural.

However in Romanian there isn't a word for "the" so in order to form the definite article you have to change the word, specifically the ending…for instance.

Copil = a child
Copilul = the child
Copii = children
Copiii = the children (Not a typo. There are seriously three i's in this word.)

Copil is masculine noun, for feminine nouns they are completely different….

Fiică = a daughter
Fiica = the daughter
Fiice = daughters
Fiicele = the daughters

If this wasn't enough fun there is more. Every time you want to say 'my' you have to choose the appropriate form of 'my' to match the noun.

Copilul meu
Copiii mei
Fiica mea
Fiicele mele

And of course as you might have noticed 'my' comes after the noun. In addition to all the rest that alone makes my head hurt even more.

So other than this piece of Romanian grammar the rest of Romanian is pretty easy, except for my unexplainable inability to say câine, pâine, Corpul Păcii
or any other word that has an 'â' sound, especially when it is in combination with a 'i'.


  1. Really neat. (I love languages!) Are we gonna get to hear you speak some Romanian? :P

  2. Stay tuned. If I do it will be in the form of a youtube video but I will def save that for when I have finished language classes and have a lot more competency with the language. At this point I can comfortably discuss my family members and order a meal.