Friday, May 6, 2011

Staging Information

It is officially one month until I leave and I just received my staging information in the mail. I finished student teaching at the middle school a week ago and I have spent most of my time doing absolutely nothing. My main focus has been "what am I going to do for the next month?" However things are starting to look a little more exciting. I graduate from college next Saturday and have a graduation party to look forward to on the day before. If everything works out as planned I might also have time to work in a week long trip to visit a friend and another trip to visit family. It starts to get tricky now that I have my actual staging information because now I have to decide on where I am going to be on June 6th so that I can I call the travel company and finalize my travel plans for getting to Philadelphia.

I was actually surprised with how much information was provided in the staging info. In the past when Peace Corps has sent me information it has been estimates and possibilities but now the information was extremely thorough. The address for the hotel with its phone number and my country coordinators name. It also listed an itinerary for the two days of staging. To give you an idea and to avoid giving particulars it goes something like: arrive at hotel and finish forms, attend a 2 hour meeting, 20 minute break, another 2 hour meeting, sleep, wake up early and head to airport. It even says which flight I will be taking, the departure and arrival time, and actual travel time. Altogether I will be taking an 8 hour flight to Germany, wait an hour, then take a 2 hour flight to Chisinau the capital of Moldova. An 8 hour flight is going to be tough. However, in flight meals and movies and also the possibility of practicing my German with the Flight Attendants should make it bearable...

While the staging information is amazing it didn't mention much...or rather anything about what would happen when I arrive in Chisinau or any thing else unrelated to staging. But I'm definitely satisfied with what Ive been given for now. Time to start packing...

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