Saturday, April 13, 2013

Is This a Weather Blog?

I keep meaning to write a new post but whenever I sit down to do it the only thing I can think to write about is the weather which is really the only thing that changes even if it isn't the most exciting topic to discuss. 

As I've mentioned spring hasn't really been too much like spring this year with cold weather lasting well past the equinox and at the start of April we had a week of beautiful almost 60 degree weather and it appeared as if we had finally shaken off the the chains of winter weather so when I wrote my last blog post with the praises of April I was very unsettled to wake up on Monday this week to 30 degree temperatures in the morning that only raised to 40 degrees by midday. However disappointing this was the weather in and of itself is not a big deal. It was when I got to school and found out that schools are not allowed to waste money on heating after April 1st...which was fine last week...but not so good this week.  And it's not just the schools, a few other people who work in office buildings or have apartments in the bigger cities also found that they would not be getting any more heat. So while America has been having a heat wave, or at least the part of America I am from, all of Moldova has been wearing their winter coats inside to keep warm. Luckily enough for me, however, I have a wood stove so at least when I go home I have a warm bed to sleep in. Just another one of those moments I'm sure I'll look back on and I'll have a great story to tell when I run into a teacher complaining about their classroom being 65 instead of 72.

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