Thursday, November 22, 2012

The Beginning of the Holiday Season is Here!

Happy Thanksgiving Americans! Today is a holiday I have always considered to be one of my favorites. Mostly because because of the emphasis it places on everyone eating lots of food. And with me in Moldova this is yet another year when I will not be indulging myself in ridiculous amounts of turkey or sweet potato casserole. I did, however, get to stuff my face full of Moldovan food yesterday on what is basically the Moldovan equivalent of Thanksgiving sans turkey, Village day. While the over consumption of food and distant family members coming to visit holds true for the Moldovan version as it does for the American version, for me it just isn't quite the same without the pumpkin pie. To make matters worse as I was working today I had a mass horde of turkeys taking up space outside my classroom window. At one point I counted 25 of them and all of them looked as delicious as the next one. Needless to say I found it hard to teach my lessons with all of them mocking me from the window but I made it through.

The majority of them had already turn the corner and went around the building. These were the stragglers. 

So while you are making your Thanksgiving dinners if you wish to add a little Moldovan flair to your meal why don't you try one of these recipes I found on the internet that are pretty similar to dishes that I ate yesterday. The first is a corn, rice, egg, rice, and mayonnaise salad. The second is a pyramid of crepes filled with cherries and covered with chocolate or your choice of topping.

Pofta Mare!

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