Monday, September 3, 2012

Primul Sunetul Round II

Today was the first day of school and I finally got a look at my school schedule. Luckily, just as we did last year, we didn't actually teach any classes today but instead merely welcomed the students back to school with a ceremony outside and then all of the teachers had a meeting with the director about the coming school year. The fun part of the meeting was suggestions on how to change things up a little bit this year but after a little debate everything was basically left the same as how we did it last year. Don't fix what isn't broken as they say. I am looking forward to this school year a little more than last year because my schedule has become significantly lighter with me only teaching 16 hours instead of last years 20 and each school day has some lovely breaks in between classes when I do not have a class that was mostly absent from my schedule last year.

PS. In other news the weather outside is gorgeous and I think fall has arrived right on schedule.

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