Sunday, August 19, 2012

Kazenaki and Puppies

As has happened every time I have spent any time away from Moldova my stomach has once again went in rebellion against food. Luckily I don't feel sick I just have zero appetite and just thinking about food (or bus travel) makes me nauseous. So in light of this I am no longer going to be helping with the Summer School this week and instead I will hopefully be getting down to work preparing for the new school year and trying to relearn Romanian since I feel like I have taken another giant regressive leap backward in terms of my speaking ability after my Ukraine trip.

On the brighter side there are quite a few things that have been making my days a little of which being the fact that I havent actually been to work since May 31st...Another is these two little rascals...

They are the newest additions to my household, at least until my host mother's grandson goes back to Turkey. On the food side of things my favorite snack food has made a reappearance.

It's called Kazenaki and basically it is sunflower seeds and honey. Very simple but absolutely delicious. You can find them at every corner store during the summer but apparently they are a seasonal thing since in a few weeks they will disappear again until next year. I nearly forgot about them until I saw them in a store a few days ago and felt bad that I might have missed out of some opportunities to have had some earlier. 

And lastly, I received a package from home with a few more dress pants to even out my professional wardrobe and also a much needed Mac power cord. Mac's are basically unheard of in Moldova so finding a replacement powercord would have taken a lot of searching and a great deal of money.

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