Friday, July 20, 2012

New train

My commute to Chisinau is about to become a whole lot easier and way more comfortable. All because of this... Primul tren renovat in Romania va circula de saptamana viitoare

Yes, that's right. Moldova has a new train and it will start running next week. And not only will it take me to Chisinau quicker but it will also supposedly have access to the internet as well as televisions, though I assume that will be in a higher class train car...yes, that's right, it will have different class train cars. But of course with a newer train comes higher prices and the article mentions an increase of 30% over the current prices. Which if this is to be believed would bring my current fare of 17 lei to about 22 lei with the new train. However, this still far cheaper than taking a bus which cost about 50 lei. (12 lei=1 dollar)

Unfortunately, even though it appears that it should start running by next week they still haven't worked out the new schedule. Hopefully everything has been worked out by next Thursday which is the next time I plan on heading to Chisinau and while I look forward to riding the new train I am looking forward a lot more to what awaits me in Chisinau.... a bus to take me to Ukraine. I have sent in all of my paperwork and I have set time and date for my departure and barring anything tragic I should be enjoying myself in the Ukraine this time next week and will be there for the next three weeks working with a summer camp with Moldovan students. Things seem to be going pretty well for the moment.
I got to meet the new train in person in June while I was waiting on my quite older train to take me to Bucharest so I could start my amazing France/UK vacation.

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