Thursday, May 31, 2012

Ultimul Sunet

Today is the official last day of school in Moldova, what is known as the "Last Bell." All of the students and the teachers come to the school at about the same time as usual but instead of holding classes an assembly is held outside in front of the school. It is very similar to the ceremony for the beginning of school which is appropriately called the "First Bell." This time the director and the mayor congratulated the graduating seniors and 9th graders and wished them luck on their future endeavors while also passing out certificates to the students who stood out the most academically in the past school year. No assembly would be complete without dancing and singing of course and all of the students gave out flowers to the teachers which is a very common tradition that I have encountered at almost every single holiday. The assembly did not last long and afterward we all went home looking forward to tomorrow the first day of Summer and the official first day of Summer vacation. In addition to the fact that tomorrow is "Children's Day," tomorrow is also my birthday and I am looking forward to the surprise my host mother has planned. I know she has planned something because she has repeatedly told me but she always refuses to tell me what the surprise will be. I think I like surprises better that way, knowing that a surprise will occur even if you dont know what the surprise will be. Much easier on my nerves then just getting a surprise out of the blue. After my birthday celebrations tomorrow I will be heading off to a wedding on Saturday and then off on my trip on Tuesday. Busy, busy, busy.

Two 11th graders starting off the event with the Mayor and School Director watching on.

The students forming a semicircle around the entrance.

It doesn't matter if you're in the 1st grade and didn't prepare anything you still might be called upon to give a speech.

What's a celebration without a little hora'ing?

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