Saturday, March 3, 2012

Holidays, Spring, and Trainings! Oh my!

Although the title might lead you to believe otherwise I dont actually much to talk about for this blog post. Simply to say that on Monday I will have another training regarding secondary projects and writing grants. Last week I had a language training that I really enjoyed and hopefully this next training will be just as good.

We had two holidays recently, the first being Men day, or more accurately Ziuă Barbaților. I, however prefer to call it Man day. This holiday falls on February 23rd and started from a holiday that honored Soviet soldiers. Not much to say other than the students gave the male teachers presents and after school was another meal.

Lastly, a cool little holiday I have been waiting anxiously for is Mărțișor which is on March 1st and celebrates the first day of Spring. There is a lot of stories related to the story and I haven't been able to settle on which one I prefer but they all relate to the coming of spring and wearing the colors red and white on March 1st. Throughout the day people go around handing out little trinkets with threads or ribbons of red and white and people wear them on their shirt. Although we have acknowledged the arrival of Spring the weather has yet to do likewise. Presently it is snowing and quite windy. But at least most of the ice is gone.

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