Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas Everyone!

It is officially Christmas in Moldova and to make up for all of the Christmas decorations, carols, and shopping I am missing out on Mother Nature gave me a present and this is what my yard looks like this morning!

Not exactly a blizzard but just enough snow to add to my Christmas cheer and also not enough to interfere with my travel plans tomorrow.

I also woke up a little bit later than I normally would have on Christmas mostly because I was up till one o'clock in the morning partying with my students at the school. The Christmas party or "Carnival" started at 6 o'clock and I showed up fashionably late with my host mother at about 7 o'clock. I wedged my self a seat on an overcrowded bench beside the director of the school and the mayor and watched a program put on by the older grade students of the school. The program was very well conducted and I marvelled at how well organized it was. I have not seen any indications that the students had been preparing and all of the skits and songs looked to be completely original from the students themselves. By the end of the two hour or so event I was convinced that every student in the 10th, 11th, and 12th grade could follow out a career as a singer, actor, comedian, model, dancer or director and I wouldnt be the least surprised by their success. All of them were so unbelievably talented. After the students were finished the teachers gathered in another room ate a light dinner and went back to the cafeteria to join the students in some traditional and modern dancing. I tried as hard as possible to avoid dancing at all opportunities but I was inevitably brought out to the dance floor on more than one occasion, mostly for the traditional hora which is good because I feel pretty comfortable with that dance but there was also some slow dancing and modern dancing that didnt go so well. As I sat on the sidelines on a bench with a group of teachers students would approach and try to drag me to the dance floor and when I told them I dont like to dance they couldnt understand. No really. No comprehension of how you couldnt like dancing. It would have been humorous if it didnt mean I had no choice but to follow through with their wishes. So as I mentioned before I arrived at around 7, the program lasted for about 2 hours, and dinner was probably a half hour or so, I didnt make it home until 1 o'clock so that means I was in the cafeteria either dancing or hiding from everyone unsuccessfully for about 3 hours or so. I fell into bed as soon as I got home and didnt wake up till 11. It was a pretty good way to bring in Christmas.

Packed and ready! I leave for my vacation tomorrow!

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